Submit Your Proof(s) of Claim by August 23, 2017

The Trustee and Bankruptcy Court are ready to receive claims in the Siskey-related bankruptcy cases (In re TSI Holdings, LLC (17-30132), In re WSC Holdings, LLC (17-30338), In re SouthPark Partners, LLC (17-30339), and In re Sharon Road Properties, LLC (17-30363)).

To properly submit a claim in these cases, you must electronically file both:  (a) the Official Form B410, “Proof of Claim” (available here); and (b) the court-approved claim addendum (available here:  Siskey Addendum to Proof of Claim Form) as an attachment to the standard form proof of claim.

Please submit one Proof of Claim form and addendum per each of the Siskey-Related Debtors in which you invested.

Claims should be filed electronically through the Bankruptcy Court’s website, accessible by clicking here.

The instructions for Official Form B410, “Proof of Claim,” are available by clicking here.

The deadline for submitting claims against the Siskey-Related Debtors is August 23, 2017.

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