Motion to Approve Settlement with Donald and Sally Olin

Take notice that the Trustee has filed the motion linked below that requests approval of a settlement with Donald and Sally Olin for the sum of $12,866.19 related to the receipt of net winnings in the TSI bankruptcy case totaling $25,732.38. If you want the Court to consider your views on the motion, then, on or before November 9, 2020, you should file a response as set forth in the notice of opportunity for hearing linked below.

Order Approving Third Interim Distribution on Bankruptcy Estate Base Claims and Interim Compensation to the Trustee

The Trustee will send out third interim distribution checks the week of September 28, 2020.  If you have an address change since the last distribution, please send an email to or 

Non-Bankruptcy Allowed Claimants will receive distribution checks from ALCS in the amounts listed on the attached list.